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A list of projects part of the research initiative Northern Worlds:

The Late Ice Age in Denmark

Coast, Man and Environment in North East Greenland

’Small Trees’ as indicators of Climate

Climate Change and Kitchen Middens – when the Permafrost disappears

Preservation Methods of Archaeological material from the Northern Worlds

Battle of the weather report. German and Allied Metrological Stations in North East Greenland during World War II

South Greenland during 1900-1950 and the development of a fishing society

The Farming Societies – the Expansion in the North

Shetland – The Border of Farming 4000 - 3000 b.o.e.

Resources, Mobility and Cultural Identity in Norse Greenland

Norse Farming in Greenland: Agriculture on the edge

Communication, cultural interaction and identity - The journey of artifacts in Viking Age Scandinavia

Cultural Contacts across the Skagerrak and Kattegat during the Viking Age

Networking among the elite of European Barbaricum – Gold imitations of Roman coins as evidence for long distance connections

Skin Clothing from the North

Trade as a meeting of cultures - European artefacts in the Historic Thule Culture 

Runic Inscriptions in Greenland

Ancient timberhouses on the North Atlantic Islands and in Colonial Greenland – Diffusion and Innovation

Arctic Horizons: The Meldgaard Legacy

Contemporary Bread Culture in Denmark

Prechristian Cult Places

Landscape and Livelihood, Economy and Hierarchy – Pastoral Farmers in Norse Greenland

The Farming on the Edge - the expansions and complexity of the farming societies in Neolitikum in the North

Nørremølle - the largest Vikinge Age treasure

Church, Christianity and Chieftains in Norse Greenland

Norse Greenland Dietary Economy c.985-1450 - Norse Greenland Isotope Project