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Network of the North: Communication, Exchange and Cultural Markers

The Northern societies have always been part of a cultural and economic network in a global context. Together with elements such as the study of costumes and material culture, exchange or trade with exotica has always been an important marker of ethnical or social affiliation.



Scientific projects

Communication, Cultural Contacts and Identity during the Viking Age

Cultural Contacts across the North Sea during the Viking Age

Counterfeit Coins – the North-South Connections

Skin Clothing from the North

Trade as a Meeting of Cultures in the Historic Thule Culture 

Runic Inscriptions in Greenland 

Ancient Timberhouses on the North Atlantic Islands and in Colonial Greenland - Diffusion and Innovation

Arctic Horizons: The Meldgaard Legacy 

Measuring the costumes

A FARO-arm is being used for measurements of the skin clothing as part of the project "Skin Clothing from the North". Photo: Roberto Fortuna