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Farming on the Edge: Cultural Landscapes of the North

The expansion of farming has a 6000 years long history in the Northern worlds. The projects focus on the expansion, recessions and renewed expansions of the farming economies among other aspects in relation to climate change.


Scientific projects

Farming Societies – Expansion in the North

Shetland – a Border of Farming 4000 b. o. e.

The Boathouse from Mula, The Faroe Islands

Resources, Mobility and Cultural Identity in Norse Greenland

Norse Farming in Greenland

Contemporary Bread Culture in Denmark

Landscape and Livelihood, Economy and Hierarchy – Pastoral Farmers in Norse Greenland

Excavations of the church yard at a Norse farm at Igaliku Kujalleq in Southgreenland - The Eastern Settlement. Foto: Jette Arneborg