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Landscape and Livelihood, Economy and Hierarchy – Pastoral Farmers in Norse Greenland

With focus on new survey-data from the Vatnahverfi region, South Greenland, the ph.d.-project works towards providing a more nuanced, detailed and dynamic understanding of the Norse farming community in the period A.D. 985-1450. Through landscape analysis, reevaluation and comparison of both old and new archaeological and other scientific research it is attempted to connect settlement topography and its social implications with terrestrial resource use in a changing climate and environment, conclusively outlining an entire farming system i continual development. The research will likewise draw upon evidence from historical and modern sheep farming in Greenland - as environmental laboratory and as basis for meaningful dissemination of the Norse archaeology in the local communities. 

Responsible for the project:

Christian Koch Madsen

The children from the school in Igaliku Kujalleq is each year participating a day at the excavations where they learn about the ruins in their area. Photo: Jette Arneborg