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Contemporary Bread Culture in Denmark

Bread is and has been a given part of everyday life in the Nordic countries for centuries. However bread is also part of bigger questions in society - questions of health, climate, globalization and food supply in Europe and the world.

This project is not only focusing on The New Nordic Cuisine Movement but also on the changes in everyday food culture: Which new types of bread and cereals are popular? Are people still eating the traditional rye bread?  Is home baking getting more and more popular? How do bakers adjust to new claims from consumers for both better quality and cheaper bread?  These and more questions are put in this research and documenting project where Nordic museums, universities and cultural institutions collaborate investigating contemporary food culture. Part of this Nordic project is to develop new methods and practices of contemporary fieldwork and collecting combined with traditional methods as photo documentation, interviewing and participant observation. The Internet serves not only as a tool for collecting contemporary memories, objects and recipes, but also as a way of presenting the results and contributions from the users.


Coordinator: Lykke Lafarque Pedersen