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Carpenter Meldgaard Endowment


With financial support from The Rock Foundation The Carpenter-Meldgaard Endowment was established in the spring of 2009. The purpose from the Foundation was to support "Arctic Horizons: The Meldgaard Legacy" - a 4-year project.

The project is aiming at analyzing and publish the private archives, photos and films by curator Jørgen Meldgaard from the Etnographic Department at the Danish National Museum (1927-2007). The works all originates from his archaeological investigations carried out in Arctic Canada and Greenland through out decades.

The project is scheduled to take place in 2009-2013 will be carried out by a group of senior researchers at Sila - the Arctic Centre at the Ethnographis Department at the Danish National Museum. Affilliated with the group is an international advisory board.

Former curator at the Ethnographis Department at the Danish National Museum, Jørgen Meldgaard (1927-2007) left numerous private archives consearning the archaeological investigations he lead in Arctic Canad and Greenland between the 1940's to 1980's. Meldgaard never managed to publish the majority of his material, which is a key to understanding the early inuit cultures. The aim for the project "Arctic Horizons: The Meldgaard Legacy" is to publish and analyse the most important parts of his private archives.


Nationalmuseet, Frederiksholms Kanal 12, 1220 København K. Tlf: 33 13 44 11