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Publications from the workshops

Changes and challenges

Publication from the 1st workshop in Northern Worlds

September 2010 at the National Museet (pdf in Danish only)

Challenges and Solutions

Publication from the 2nd workshop in Northern Worlds

November 2011 at the National Museum (pdf)

Meldgaard Vinland Vision

Martin Appelt and Christian Koch Madsen 2010

An overview of the archaeological work carried out by Jørgen Meldgaard.

Networkreports from "Shetland - the Border of Farming"

Ditlev L. Mahler

Farming on the Edge

Report from network meeting in Lerwick

September 2010

The Border of Farming

Report from network meeting at Shetland

September 2011

Skin Clothing from the North

Anne Lisbeth Schmidt 2009

Publication from network meeting at the National Museum

November 2009