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Arctic Horizons: The Meldgaard Legacy

The late Jørgen Meldgaard’s archive includes comprehensive information on his excavations in Eastern High Arctic Canada and Greenland during the 1950’s and 1960’s. Most of this material is unpublished and thus it is the goal of the project to analyse, re-evaluate and publish Meldgaard’s materials. Substantial new information on the earliest migrants into the Eastern Arctic – the Palaeo-Eskimos – is expected to be the outcome of the project.



Coordinator: Bjarne Grønnow


Other Participants:

Post.doc. Martin Appelt, Etnographic Department, Danish National Museum

PhD-student Mari Hardenberg, University of Copenhagen

Senior researcher Jens Fog Jensen, Etnographic Department, Danish National Museum

Senior researcher Ulla Odgaard, Etnographic Department, Danish National Museum 


Jørgen Meldgaard.