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Northern Worlds - Challenges and Solutions

Internal workshop for project owners and their participants


Tuesday November 1st 2011 from 10am to 4.30pm at the Cinema at the National Museum



From 9.30am Coffee and tea


10.00am Welcome by H. C. Gulløv

10.15am Bjørnar Olsen, Tromsø


11.00am Discussion


A. Climate Change and Society

11.15am Cathrine Jessen

11.30am Jørgen Hollesen

11.45am Einar Lund Jensen


12.00 Discussion


12.15pm Lunch


B. Farming on the Edge

1.15pm Flemming Kaul

1.30pm Lasse Sørensen

1.45pm Ditlev Mahler

2.00pm Christian Koch Madsen

2.15pm Peter Steen Henriksen


2.30pm Discussion


2.45pm Coffee break


C. Networks of the North

3.00pm Lisbeth Schmidt

3.15pm Niels Bonde

3.30pm Gitte Ingvardson

3.45pm Martin Appelt og Ulla Odgaard


4.00pm Discussion


4.15pm Final discussion


Download Challenges and Solutions (Pdf)