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Northern Worlds participants

The scientific focus Northern World has 22 projects, primarily researchers from The Danish National Museum, but also from  the researchers large national and international networks which is continiously being build up as the prjects evolves. The most significant network connects a numerous amount of universitites with The Danish National Museum: From University of Alaska to University of Greenland (Illisimatusarfik) in the north to University of Groning in the south, from Turku in the east by Tórshavn to Hunter College at City University of New York in the west, and with several affiliates in between in the Nordic countries and Europe. The danish universities are also part of the network, along with the already excisting networks "Centre for Ice and Cllimate and the sciencefoundations "Centre for Textile Research" at University of Copenhagen.

Within Northern Worlds is also close collaboration with other governmental institutions, where the Danish and Greenlandic Geological Surveys (GEUS) and The Natural History Museum are key-collaborators. Beside that also regional museums in Scandinavia, Greenland and Canada are part of the growing network.