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Bjarne Grønnow

Research professor, MA Ph.D. Archaeology
Head of the CME Project. He is the link between the National Museum and the Rock Foundation and takes care of the management of economy and work schedule. He is responsible for the research and collaboration with other institutions. His research is focused on Meldgaard's Qajaa-material from the Saqqaq Culture in West Greenland and the neighboring Qeqertasussuk Site.

Ulla Odgaard

Senior researcher, MA Ph.D. Archaeology 

responsible for registration of archival materials from the Igloolik area via the CME Database. Her research is focused on Palaeo-Eskimo dwelling structures and settlement patterns (in collaboration with Martin Appelt). The project aims at expanding our knowledge on dwellings beyond the functional aspects in order to explore how the Palaeo-Eskimos perceived and experienced their world. This will be approached by examining the relationships between the single structures and the layout and topographical positions of the sites.

Jens Fog Jensen

Senior researcher, MA Ph.D. Archaeology

responsible for registration via the CME Database of archival materials and for research on Meldgaard’s Qajaa material in collaboration with Bjarne GrønnowThe stratigraphy at the site and the excellently preserved artifacts are described and analyzed, and this information forms an integral part of the planned publication of the Qajaa and the Qeqertasussuk sites.


Mari Ane Hardenberg

Ph.D. student, MA Archaeology

responsible for the program ‘Symbols in Palaeo-Eskimo Material Culture’. Her supervisor is professor Erik Brinch Petersen, SAXO Institute, University of Copenhagen. Co-supervisors: Martin Appelt and Bjarne Grønnow, the CME Project.



Carina Andersen

BA History

Responsible for the registration and summarizing of the legal papers concerning Jørgen Meldgaard's activities in Greenland and Canada.


Martin Appelt

Senior researcher, MA Ph.D. Archaeology

Coordinator of the work with Meldgaard's Canadian and Alaskan materials. He is supervisor of the Ph.D. student of the CME-project, Mari Ane Hardenberg. He is responsible for sorting and registration of the archival material and for public outreach, in particular the graphic novel on Late Dorset. His research is focused on Meldgaards archaeological investigations in the Igloolik area.


Anne Mette Jørgensen

MA Anthropology 

Responsible for the preservation and digitalising of the Meldgaard film and photo collection.

















Jesper Kurt Nielsen

Archivist, MA History

Advisor concerning the archival materials. He is responsible for the integration of the Meldgaard archive into the archives of the National Museum.










Nuka K. Godtfredsen


The Greenlandic artist behind a high quality graphic novel based on our present knowledge on late Dorset in the High Arctic, including results of Meldgaard's investigations in Thule and Igloolik. The graphic novel is an important part of the different kinds of public outreach activities of the CME project.


Peter Andreas Toft

MA Ph.D. Archaeology

Responsible for the development and follow-up of the CME database.