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Program for det første netværksmøde i det shetlandske neolitiske netværk 2010


September 7th

Arrival of Ditlev, Preben, Torben and Flemming at 4.25pm at Sumburgh

Welcome by Ian Tait, Lerwick Museum, and regional archaeologist Val Turner, The Amenity Trust. Introduction to the exhibitions.
Ditlev, Preben, Torben and Flemming to the Glen Orchy House, 20 Knab Road[1]

7.00pm first conference dinner for the network at Kveldsro House Hotel


September 8th

10.00am Ian Tait: Welcome and practicalities. The day’s chairperson

10.15am Ditlev L. Mahler: Shetland – The border of farming 4000 – 3000 BC. Intentions and some preliminary results

11.00am Discussion

11.15am Val Turner: Title at present not known

11.45am Discussion

12.00 Torben Ballin: The first Shetlanders - evidence from lithic and stone assemblages

12.30pm Discussion

12.45pm Lunch at the Museum

1.45pm Flemming Kaul: The Nordic Farming Societies – the expansion in the North

2.15pm Discussion

3.00pm Preben Rønne: Highlights from the Northernmost Bronze Age societies in Norway

3.30pm discussion

3.45pm tea

4.00pm Ian Tait: What can stray finds tell us?

4.30pm Discussion

4.45pm Jenny Murray: Some early farming implements from Shetland

5.15pm Discussion

5.30pm Discussion of the day. What to happen, where to go?

7.00pm Conference dinner, at Queens Hotel.



September 9th

Depending on the weather there are two possibilities for excursions (bring walking boots) :

Plan A: 9.00am leaving for Mavis Grind and walking for Culsetter (Neolithic houses and cairns)

1.00pm Lunch at Busta House

To Islesburgh and a short walk to a Neolithic house, heel shaped dykes and a cairn. If the weather and the mood permits we will proceed to Punds Water (Neolithic structures)

Plan B: Leaving at 10am for West Mainland, Stanydale (special house structure, dykes and cairns) and to Scord of Brouster (recently excavated Neolithic site

1.00am Lunch at Busta House

To Islesburgh and a short walk to a Neolithic house, heel shaped dykes and a cairn

4.00pm Evaluation of the meeting


7.00pm Last conference dinner at the Baroc


September 10th

Departure from Lerwick at 9.45am for the abroad coming. 11.00am check in at Sumburgh Airport






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