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The Archaeological Crew


The Canadian-Danish-Nunavut archaeological crew excavates the area for remains of Thule and Dorset cultures. The excavations in many ways laid the foundation for our understanding of the prehistory of the eastern Arctic. The excavations were headed by Jørgen Meldgaard of the Danish National Museum. The anthropologist and film photographer Richard Emerick participated as well, and the hunter and artist Pacomê Qulaut and the Missionary Father Guy-Mary Rousseliére played key roles not only in the investigations of various structures. They also strongly influenced the understanding of the prehistoric remains, both using their knowledge of the local area, and pointing to, relating and discussing relevant parts of the rich oral traditions that existed (and still exist) in Igloolik. The investigations uncovered the first human remains of Tunit/Dorset ever found in an archaeological excavation. These remains are now housed by the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

See the film from Igloolik about the archaeological crew (the film opens in this window)