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Climate Change and Society

There are no simple connections between climate changes and ‘historical events’. A series of scientific projects are going to shed light over the complexity and the balances of the prehistoric societies in relation to climate change. This helps us to see the significance of the present climate change and of future changes.


Scientific projects:

The Late Ice Age in Denmark

Coast, Man and Environment in North East Greenland

 ‘The Small Trees’ from North East Greenland

Climate Change and Kitchen Middens

 The Preservation Methods in the Northern Worlds

The Battle of the Climate in North East Greenland 1941-1944

 Trade as a Meeting of Cultures in the Historic Thule Culture  

From Sealer to Fisher in Southern Greenland 1900-1950



The German cave-station from 1943-44 is gradually being exposed from the snow at Cape Sussi. Photo: Morten Hjorth